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BluShues is on a mission to make Bibles available to everyone in printed format. We are a new non-profit organization that provides new, complete, full-size Bibles FREE of cost to the poor, distressed, underprivileged, and those with intellectual curiosity or who want to increase their knowledge. BluShues provides free Bibles to both individuals and organizations. Request Bibles on our Request Bibles page.

The name BluShues is a pseudonym for “blue shoes”, representing walking in faith. We recognize the Bible as the Word of God that produces faith, comfort, truth, healing, freedom, love, restoration, and forgiveness; and promotes good moral character and good works. BluShues stands for Christian values, loving God, and loving your neighbors. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (see Statement of Faith), and we adore the Bible!

As a nonprofit, we depend on donations to fulfill our mission. That is how we can provide Bibles completely free. We thank the Lord for leading so many to support BluShues with their time, prayers, and money, so that millions of people in the United States and overseas will experience the Bible with no cost. Every activity of BluShues supports making the Word of God available to everyone. BluShues believes in walking by example and additionally gives back to the community by tithing (giving 10%) our revenue to carefully selected Christian organizations. Donate here.

We have achieved a wonderful and inspiring community together. We welcome you to walk beside us in this journey, under our Creator, and to partner in our blessings when you give your time, prayers, and money towards this mission. Join our community. Those who receive our Bibles are grateful for your support. We could not achieve this mission without you.

– BluShues Team